WTTP: Petra’s story

Petra – centre – with the other winners in her age category at the WAG TRI 2014.

Petra Mossop says “Some of the best times of my life have been had doing FIT things with my FIT girls!” — we’re chatting to her today about being part of the Womens’ Triathlon Training Program (WTTP).

Registration for the WTTP is open, so sign up, come along to our information night or learn more about the program.

How did you hear about the WTTP? What made you sign up for it?
I heard about the WTTP through a friend. She had signed up with another friend but the other friend found out she was pregnant and pulled out! I was really excited to sign up because I had never tried triathlon before, I was also looking to meet new people and find some consistency in my exercise routine.
What was the aspect of the program that you found the most challenging?
I found committing to the number of trainings the hardest part. To go from no training to 5-6 trainings is a big jump! But it’s a great way to form a new habit and make progress quickly.
What was the experience of the program like? How did you find participating in the triathlons?
My experience of the program was really shaped by the culture within FIT. I have found the club to be so supportive of all abilities and achievements, everyone is super encouraging and it’s great to be inspired by the other women in the group. Participating in triathlons is a bit scary of course, but also so much fun to get outside and do some exercise among friends.

What did you do after the program, did you continue training?
I have done a few triathlons since, but I am mostly involved in the trail running branch of FIT.
Editor’s note: Petra moved away from Canberra in 2017 and has said that it was very hard to leave FIT behind when she did! We miss you Petra <3