24hr MS Megaswim success

Over the weekend, 21 swimmers from FIT participated as a team in the 24hr MS Megaswim fundraising event.

The event was held at the AIS Pool from midday Saturday 19th until midday Sunday 20th May.  Each swimmer swam for approximately one hour each (with thanks to those who swam longer to cover for illness and injury), while other team members counted laps.

Particular thanks to Nerida for organising the team, to those that baked and brought food to the poolside, and the four session coordinators: Kirsten Wilkinson, Sheila Hughes, Nerida Clarke and Angela Rymer, who were present for six hour blocks, to ensure FIT had swimmers in the water at all times and to report lap counts to the organisers.

The FIT Team swam 53km and raised over $3100 for MS which contributed to the event total of $50,000.  It truly was a great team effort.

Team members were:  Cath Spratley; Kirsten Wilkinson; Gina De Pretto; Karen Ford; Cate Byrne; Katherine Colbatch; Samantha Shields; Robyn McClelland; Alison Britton; Sheila Hughes; Pauline Unterberger; Teresa Curtin; Leanne Haughton; Cecilia Unthank; Nerida Clarke; Cindy Schwartz; Elena McAvoy; Angela Rymer; Heather Gow-Carey; Susan Callaghan; and Hannah Barrett.

Thanks to everyone who donated.  And if you didn’t get the chance and would like to contribute to this great cause, you can still donate.