Christmas / New Year break – training dates

All the key dates for when training sessions are finishing for the year and restarting in 2019 are below, with a PDF version available here

Tuesday coached running 18 December 5 February 2019
(except for marathoners)
Thursday running (north side, south side, Arboretum) Own arrangements
Saturday running 22 December 5 January 2019
Marathon / half marathon program participants Training will start January 2019 –
see Basecamp for Coach’s instructions
Triathlon – FIT2Sprint Training will continue – enrolled participants should check the FIT2Sprint Basecamp for coach’s instructions
Wednesday rides 19 December (Jingle Bells) 9 January 2019
Friday rides 19 December (Jingle Bells) 11 January 2019
Sunday rides 16 December 6 January 2019
*Post on the Facebook Cycling Group to coordinate any uncoached rides during the break
Monday evening CGGS 17 December 7 January 2019
Wednesday morning Civic 19 December 2 January 2019
Wednesday evening Civic 19 December 2 January 2019
Thursday evening Acton Ferry Terminal Continues uninterrupted – uncoached session
*note – there will be no swimming for any sessions that fall on a public holiday across the holiday period
**feel free to self organise any swims, pool or open water, via the Facebook Swimming Group
Water Running
Monday morning Civic 17 December 31 December 2018
Monday evening CGGS 17 December 7 January 2019