Relay for Life 2019 – Round-up

Relay for Life – Clubs of Canberra Tri and Conquer – Wrap Up


FIT Relay for Lifers


Relay for Life was an amazing experience where all of the participants embraced the team spirit. Like cancer, the battle could not be faced alone. A support crew of runners, walkers, tent minders, roster jugglers, aid station attendants, campsite setter-uppers and downers, and a reliable, timely media crew.

This is what Relay for Life is about.

The Stats:

We went into the day with a tight, but full roster, and by the end of the weekend had 13 ‘baton’ carriers, who ensured we were on the track through the entire 24hours.

The ‘baton’ completed 487 laps or 194.8km. Support teams and friends travelling with the baton runner also racked up the mileage. For our first time at the event, not knowing what to expect this is a great achievement.

We raised $2619 through our website, cash donations, and on the day competitions.


• 3-legged race was won by the young whippets Caitlin and Justine in a smashing time of 2:00, witnessed by team captain Chel. (Ladies come and collect your prize, courteous of FIT and the Runner’s shop.)
• Fastest Backwards Lap was won by Krishni at 08:55 on day 2 in the pouring rain, in a time of 3:05. Krishni had already run 19k’s by then. (Krishni, your prize, a flipbelt, courteous of FIT and the Runner’s shop.)
• Fastest Lap as a crab walk was won by pure team spirit on day 2, in the wet, by the very experienced Trail Ladies, Mary, Petra and Suzie. (Ladies, enjoy your prize courteous of FIT and New Balance.)
• Number of Lollies in the Jar was won by Wendy Edwards. Actually was 895 and Wendy guessed 894. And yes, I did actually spend the afternoon counting gumballs. (Wendy, come and collect your prize, courteous of FIT and Kmart.)

Shoutouts and thankyous:

The list could be absolutely endless… everyone worked amazingly hard to keep spirits and energy up, and to keep Team Captain Chel sane and safe enough to drive home. A few special mentions:
• Setup crew: coming down 3hours before the event started, sacrificing sleep-ins to make our camp site, HQ, liveable and awesome.
• Jason: partner of a FIT runner, who dragged himself out of bed and did 30mins on the track to cover us when we were short. Thankyou for bringing brave enough to join an otherwise all female team.
• Finally to those who are recovering. We had multiple people in our relay team who have suffered illness and injury of late and stepped up to proof they are resilient women, who will a little support can do great things.

So who’s joining in next year? We’ve set a benchmark, let’s build on this and make next year even better

FIT Coaching Coordinator