Improving ACT Pathways

Did you know

The ACT path network is not routinely maintained, consequently members of the public are relied on as the sole source of information about the condition of the network.

The more an issue is reported the more attention it is likely to attract.

Under-reporting of cycling and pedestrian accidents

Preliminary investigation of new works for either roads or community paths will involve gathering accident and crash data. Accident data is obtained from the police for this purpose. As most vehicle insurance requires a police report, the level of vehicular accident/crash reporting is high. On the contrary, accidents and crashes involving cyclists and pedestrians tend to be under-reported, especially if the outcome doesn’t result in hospital treatment.

How to report problems

Report an issue that you want addressed for reasons of safety/maintenance through the Fix My Street online form

The reporting is made up of 6 items on the Access Canberra website
1. What would you like to report
2. Tell us more
3. Where is the issue
4. Photo
5. Provide your contact details
6. Check the information provided

• You can submit a report anonymously but if you want to be able to check on the status of your request it’s best to create an account.
• Having a photo and location is very useful. Provide as much information as possible about the issue or what happened.
• Complaints are investigated, assessed and then prioritised for funding by using a warrant system.

FIT accident and injury reporting

A link to the ACT Government reporting system is included in FIT Accident & Injury Report form.