SATURDAY RUN – 18 November

Meet:  Chifley Shops, Eggleston Circuit, Chifley

Run: Mount Taylor Loop

Breakfast: EQ Cafe, 70 Kent Street, Deakin

REMINDER – breakfast incorporates the FIT Annual General Meeting

  • Follow footpath under Eggleston Cres and take bike path on right along Waldock.
  • At top of hill turn left and pick fire trail heading south around Mt Taylor in clockwise direction (about 8km).
  • For a longer run head down to Athlon Drive and back then do the return loop around Mt Taylor.
  • Alternatively, on return to outbound trail retrace run back to start (10.3 km including Athlon Drive extension, hilly – slightly less (10k) if do an out and back to Athlon Drive but less hilly)

Saturday Run – 11 November

Meet:  Antill Street, Hackett  (at the bus stop at the top, near the last houses)

Run: Majura to Ainslie, (12km with a 14.6km option)

Breakfast: Knox Made in Watson, 1/13-15 Watson Place, Watson

  • Undulating run along the base of Mt Majura and Mt Ainslie to the War Memorial.
  • Head up the hill towards Mt Majura, turn right and continue past water reservoir.
  • Do a dog leg left then right on reaching a car park and gravel road.
  • At t-intersection turn right downhill and go past metal gate on right and large telecom tower on left.
  • At fork in the road take the left uphill fork and continue past a water reservoir and ACTEW building.
  • At the War Memorial turn around and retrace your steps, taking the middle fork of three just before the ACTEW building (12 km).
  • For a longer run do a loop of Mt Ainslie (14.6km)

Saturday run – 4 November

Meet: Acton Ferry Terminal, Barrine Drive, Acton

Run: Australia Museum – Haig Park (via ANU) 9.2km

Breakfast: The Exchange, London Circuit, Canberra

  • Follow the bike path west and veer left onto dirt track before underpass
  • Follow the dirt track around the Australia Museum and continue west on the edge of the lake.
  • At Sullivan’s Creek Bridge go under the bridge and continue following the creek north through the University.
  • Cross the bridge to the west bank of the creek and follow the path to Barry Drive.
  • Cross Barry Drive, continue on the bike path to Haig Park (close to O’Connor shops) turn around and retrace route.
  • Before the Museum veer left up and over the hill, crossing and under the underpass back to Acton Ferry Terminal

Saturday run – 28 October

Meet: Treloar Crescent, Campbell (at rear of War Memorial)

Run: Mt Ainslie loop in reverse – Out and back hilly run along the base of Mt Ainslie in a southerly direction (10kkm)

Breakfast: Poppy’s at the War Memorial

  • Cross Mt Ainslie Drive and BBQ area head on foot path up the hill.
  • Turn right at second fire trail and continue around Mt Ainslie in an anticlockwise direction: veer right at three way intersection, cross Mt Ainslie Drive turning left after building.
  • Continue on fairly straight undulating road and then take left bend and start to climb hill.
  • Stick to the main trail turning left at bottom of long downhill and continue in a southerly direction on the flat trail.
  • Take a left uphill and past water reservoir and ACTEW building (on your left).
  • At tree in middle of three way intersection take a left uphill and arrive at the starting point. Turn right and back to Remembrance Park.
  • The loop run is 10km or turn and retrace the route for a shorter run.

Saturday Run – 21 October

Meet: Cooleman Court car park (adjacent McDonalds), Weston Creek

Run: Weston Creek to Governor General’s – 12.6km

Breakfast: The Meeting Room, Weston Creek

  • From car park head east to bike path.
  • Turn left and head north on bike path parallel to Streeton Drive.
  • Go under Streeton Drive and continue right/north parallel to Streeton Drive.
  • At Cotter Road intersection cross Cotter road and take the bike path heading north.
  • Continue on bike path under Tuggeranong Parkway, over bridge and turn right at T-intersection.
  • Take underpass left and head up hill beside the Federal Golf Course until Dunrossil Drive.
  • Turnaround here and retrace the run