FIT is guided by a committee of volunteers – you can contact these people with any questions and ideas about FIT.
General inquiries – Please keep in mind it may take a couple of days for someone to respond to your email (we’re all volunteers).
Postal address Females in Training Inc.
GPO Box 502
President Kerren Crosthwaite  (
Vice President Sue Lyons
Treasurer Frances McPherson
Secretary Deborah Wilkinson
Committee Members
  • Simone Annis (Coaching coordinator)
  • Josephine Hall (Communications coordinator)
  • Liz Howarth (Policy and insurance officer)
  • Andrea Mcdonald (Membership officer)
  • Natasha Royal (General member)
  • Emma Wensing (General member)
  • Katherine Colebatch (General member)
OutFITt co-ordinator Jing Huang
Newsflash editor Michelle Weir ( )
Digital Media Coordinator Deborah Wilkinson (
Coaching co-ordinator Simone Annis
Public Officer Deborah Wilkinson