FIT2Sprint Training Program


What is FIT2Sprint?
FIT2SPRINT is a new program developed by Females in Training (FIT) as a pilot, aimed at preparing FIT members to achieve their best potential results in a sprint distance triathlon. The program will be conducted for a ten-week period from Monday 17 December, 2018 through to the Huskisson triathlon on the weekend of 22 – 24 February, 2019.

The program is capped at 20 participants and will continue throughout the holiday period.

The programs objectives are to:
1. The primary objective of the program is to deliver a training program which culminates in racing in the sprint distance triathlon in Huskisson, 22-24 February 2019. The program will commence at the conclusion of the WTTP1 (Novice) currently underway.

2. A secondary objective of the program is to provide skills and coaching development to FIT’s triathlon coaches along the way. Training will be provided by FIT triathlon training coaches under the stewardship of Triathlon ACT development coach, Megan Hall.

For more information on the Program, including equipment you will need, costs and training commitments, please download the Program brochure.