Triathlon Australia affiliation

Your FIT membership includes a Triathlon Australia membership.

FIT isn’t a triathlon club in the traditional sense but we embrace the triathlon disciplines. We are affiliated with Triathlon ACT (TACT) and nationally within the sport’s peak representative body Triathlon Australia (TA). This gives us many organisational benefits, the most important of these are accreditation for coaches and appropriate insurance for all FIT members.

This is why your FIT membership includes a TA membership. The FIT committee believes that the support we get from this arrangement is worth the small cost of the non-competing/non-training TA membership. FIT members also get excellent value for money if they choose the Adult competitor TA membership.

For full details of the benefits associated with TA membership see the Triathlon Australia membership benefits page.

Please also refer to the different membership fees and categories that TA offers.