WTTP Scholarship Testimonials

The Women’s Triathlon Training Program (WTTP) is the flagship novice training program for Females in Training (FIT). It encourages women to try triathlon for the first time; and to return to triathlon after a period away from the sport. The WTTP is an exciting opportunity for women to enjoy the sport of triathlon in a supportive, female-only environment.

WTTP Scholarship 2018

In 2018, for the first time, FIT offered two scholarships to extend this opportunity to women who otherwise would not have been able to participate. In addition, two partial scholarships, covering the 12 months of FIT membership fees, were also awarded. We asked three of last year’s recipients, Kate, Caitlin and Taisa, what the scholarship meant to them, and how they have benefitted from the program.

What did they say about the program and the scholarship?

A common factor in joining WTTP was the desire to do a triathlon, while lacking the confidence and know-how to go about it. For Taisa, another key reason for joining the WTTP was that she had only recently moved to Canberra from Brazil, so found it a great way to get out and meet new people; while the routine of regular group exercise has been integral to Kate’s recovery from postnatal depression. This camaraderie and community are key to FIT and to the WTTP, with experienced coaches and helpers on hand for each discipline every step of the way. Kate summed it up, saying, “We are so lucky to have these wonderful women help motivate and teach us”; while Caitlin was struck by how “supportive and welcoming” everyone was.

For everyone who completes the WTTP, the benefits will be as varied as their reasons for signing up. For this year’s scholarship recipients, those benefits were wide-ranging. While all three said that their physical fitness improved, they also gained valuable knowledge and skills that they weren’t expecting. Caitlin gained a range of fitness and general skills, from learning to swim, to how to change a bike tyre!

Sounds great – what next?

Triathlon is a challenging but rewarding sport and the Women’s Triathlon Training Program aims to introduce women to the sport in a supportive and friendly environment, providing them with the skills to compete at a range of levels. If you’d like to ‘tri it out’ but think the cost of the program could be prohibitive, why not apply for the FIT WTTP Scholarship 2019 and see what benefits you can get from the program.


SATURDAY RUN – 21 September

Come and Tri Day

Meet: 7.30am, Acton Ferry Terminal, Barrine Drive, Acton

Run: Australia Museum – Haig Park (via ANU) 9.2km

Breakfast: **New Venue** Morning Glory, 2/15 Edinburgh Avenue, New Acton

  • Follow the bike path west and veer left onto dirt track before underpass
  • Follow the dirt track around the Australia Museum and continue west on the edge of the lake.
  • At Sullivan’s Creek Bridge go under the bridge and continue following the creek north through the University.
  • Cross the bridge to the west bank of the creek and follow the path to Barry Drive.
  • Cross Barry Drive, continue on the bike path to Haig Park (close to O’Connor shops) turn around and retrace route.
  • Before the Museum veer left up and over the hill, crossing and under the underpass back to Acton Ferry Terminal

SATURDAY RUN – 14 September

MEET: 7.30am, at the end of Kathner Street, Chapman

RUN: Cooleman Ridge loop (10km, hilly fire trail)

BREAKFAST: A Bite to Eat, Shop 8 Chifley Place, Chifley (please park at rear of YMCA – MacLaurin Street Chifley)


  • From Kathner Street take the right hand side fire trail and continue on the trail in a southerly direction (following the Bicentennial Horse Trail signs).
  • Continue south easterly veering left at about 2km and avoiding the horse trial on right.
  • Take right turns at next two intersections keeping Mt Arawang on your left, turn north, and then west to return along the northern side of the ridge – the houses of Chapman will be on your right.

Saturday Run – 7 September

Meet: 7.30am, Treloar Crescent, Campbell (at the back of the Australian War Memorial)

Run: Mt Ainslie loop in reverse – Out and back hilly run along the base of Mt Ainslie in a southerly direction (10km)

Breakfast: Pedlar 65 Constitution Avenue Campbell

  • Cross Mt Ainslie Drive and BBQ area head on foot path up the hill.
  • Turn right at second fire trail and continue around Mt Ainslie in an anticlockwise direction: veer right at three way intersection, cross Mt Ainslie Drive turning left after building.
  • Continue on fairly straight undulating road and then take left bend and start to climb hill.
  • Stick to the main trail turning left at bottom of long downhill and continue in a southerly direction on the flat trail.
  • Take a left uphill and past water reservoir and ACTEW building (on your left).
  • At tree in middle of three way intersection take a left uphill and arrive at the starting point. Turn right and back to Remembrance Park.
  • The loop run is 10km or turn and retrace the route for a shorter run.

FIT ‘Come & Tri’ Day

Come & Tri with Canberra’s only women’s triathlon group –  Females in Training (FIT)

If you have ever thought about doing a triathlon and then the next thought started with ‘but…’ then the FIT is right for you. Our mission is to give you the confidence to complete your first triathlon and have a great time doing it.

Our 2019 Women’s Triathlon Training Program (WTTP) will start in early October.  The program offers training sessions in each of the three triathlon disciplines (swimming, cycling and running) in a friendly and encouraging environment. The WTTP is open to all women over the age of 18.

Interested?   FIT invites you to find out more and meet our friendly team at our weekly Saturday run and breakfast session.

Date:  Saturday 21 September

Time:  7.30am – please arrive early as we head off at 7.30.

Venue:  Meet at Acton Ferry Terminal, Barrie Drive, Acton.

We cater for all levels of fitness from walkers to speedy runners.

Breakfast: Morning Glory, 2/15 Edinburgh Avenue, New Acton

More info: enquiries@fitact.org.au