Rookie and Short Distance running program **Finished**

What is Rookie Running?

A coordinated training group for beginner runners aiming to undertake the 5km or 10km event as part of the Australian Running Festival on 14 April.

The group will follow a training plan (accessed via a web forum – Basecamp), and all the program runs will have an experienced runner to herd the group and provide guidance.

What kind of equipment do I need?

A decent pair of running shoes, and comfortable workout clothes.

Who should register?

Anyone that would like to start running and aim to completing either 5 or 10km run on 14 April at the Australian Running Festival in Canberra.

What is the commitment?

The program runs for 9 weeks from 6 February, 2018. You will participate in coached running sessions every Tuesday and Thursday, and join the FIT runs each Saturday (with a dedicated running coach).

What is the cost?

There is no additional costs – but you must be a member of FIT to register (membership info). Please note that basic FIT membership does not include personal accident or third party liability insurance.

Registrations are now open – register
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