Stromlo Running Festival 20-21 November 2021

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Q: When does 10= 220, 30=830, and 50=1020?
A: When a FIT member runs 10k at the Stromlo Running Festival she will shimmy up 220m in elevation, when she runs 30k, 830m up and, if she runs 50k, Oh My Goodness – she will have conquered 1020m in elevation. Suck it up, Princess!

Our wonderful coach, Tamzen, remains hopeful that the Stromlo Running Festival will go ahead on 20-21 November, and has mapped out a 10k and 30k program for FIT members. Sadly, it will be a while before we can safely resume any sort of organised group running, particularly bringing together people from all over the ACT and surrounds, but the program can be followed alone or in self-organised groups to the allowed size/composition/location and sanctioned time limits in the ACT Lockdown.

Tuesday in the program is the FIT intervals outlined each week in the FIT NewsFlash.
Wednesday and Friday Body Maintenance should include some strength work and stretching. If you are not sure where to start with strength training, maybe check out this article. Need some ideas for some yoga poses to incorporate? Maybe look here. If you are new to doing body maintenance work, take it easy at first – don’t do too much too soon.
Thursday’s hill repeats should be done on a runnable (4-6% incline) hill. Aim to keep your pace even across all the reps in the set.
Get out on the trails as much as you can for the weekend runs. We’re lucky in Canberra to have plenty of great trail options, so there’s bound to be something in your local area.

Above all, enjoy yourself and good luck!