2019 Women’s Triathlon Training Program

The Women’s Triathlon Training Program (WTTP) is a training program run by Females in Training (FIT) as an introduction into the sport of triathlon. The program offers training sessions in each of the three triathlon disciplines (swimming, cycling and running) in a friendly and encouraging environment. The WTTP is open to all women aged 18 and over.

If you have ever thought about doing a triathlon and then the next thought started with ‘but…’ then the WTTP is right for you. Our mission is to give you the confidence to complete your first triathlon and have a great time doing it.

Registration NOW OPEN.

Note: you must join both FIT and Triathlon Australia (TA) to participate in the WTTP, and select the “TA Adult competitor membership” to gain the appropriate personal liability insurance to train and compete.  You will be redirected to Triathlon Australia’s membership system to do so. Please see our membership page for more details.

Program information

WTTP Information Session (all welcome) will be held on Tuesday, 17 September 2019 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm at IBM Australia, Level 5, 28 Sydney Avenue, Forrest (on-street parking available).

Start of Program: Orientation Evening (for registered participants) will be held Monday, 14 October 2019 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm at IBM Australia, Level 5, 28 Sydney Avenue, Forrest (on-street parking available).

Program will run for eight (8) weeks from Monday 14 October 2019 through to Sunday, 8 December 2019, and will target the Jackie Fairweather Memorial Triathlon on Saturday, 30 November 2019.

Registration now open.

Your registration will include:

  1. Training sessions every week in swimming, cycling and running for triathlon;
  2. Weekly updates, with lots of information about training and triathlon tips;
  3. Special information sessions on swimming for triathlon, clothing, nutrition, stretching and bike maintenance;
  4. Lake familiarisation swims;
  5. A mini triathlon to prepare you for the Jackie Fairweather Memorial Triathlon; and
  6. FIT merchandise.

Program Costs

WTTP Program Fee TA Membership* FIT Membership Total
New Member $120 $147 $55 $322
Existing FIT Member (non-TA) $120 $147 $267
Existing FIT Member (TA) $120 $120

*Participants are required to register with an annual TA membership; the ‘Try before you buy’ membership is not applicable.

A competing membership of Triathlon Australia will give you the appropriate level of personal injury insurance cover, which is a requirement for participating in the WTTP. For more details about FIT membership, please see our membership page.

Information on registration for the Jackie Fairweather and ACT triathlons over the 2019-20 season is available on the Triathlon ACT Website


If you have any other enquiries, please contact wttpnovice@fitact.org.au

WTTP Scholarship 2019

Have you thought about giving triathlon a “tri”? Do you find the cost of triathlon prevents you from “tri”-ing?

This year FIT is offering two scholarships for women who would like to participate in the WTTP but may find it hard to cover the costs.

The Scholarship includes the training program, 2019-20 membership to both FIT and Triathlon ACT and entry fee for the Jackie Fairweather Memorial Triathlon. We even have some bikes to borrow if you need one too!

If you find the cost of triathlon to be a barrier but are interested in participating in triathlon with an inclusive and supportive group of women while looking to build your fitness and friendships please consider applying for the scholarship.

Applications close Friday, 4 October 2019.


What is a triathlon?
Triathlon is an activity that combines swimming, cycling, and running in one event. More information on the sport of triathlon can be found on the Triathlon Australia website.

Do I need any special equipment?
You need a roadworthy bike of any type and a helmet that meets the Australian Standards (look for the red sticker on the inside), plus swimmers and running shoes.

What do I wear in a triathlon?
It all comes down to personal preference. Some WTTP participants have used tri-suits (which are available to purchase through FIT), while others have opted for combinations of swimmers, running shorts, tri shorts, and t-shirts/singlets. The coaches will cover this extensively during the program.

If you decide to get serious about triathlons then you may also want to consider a wetsuit /or a tri suit. FIT has a range of OutFIT options including tri-suits that you can purchase; we will show you the options during the program.

How many training sessions per week to I need to attend?
The program has one designated training session for each triathlon discipline (swimming, riding and running) each week, which equates to three training sessions per week.

We recommend that you train at least one training session for each discipline each week. If you can’t make a particular session we encourage you to join one of the normal FIT training session that are listed on the WTTP calendar and FIT website.

Is the WTTP like a 12 week body transformation?
No. Your body is great just the way it is. Although you will probably start to feel transformed because you are exercising regularly with great people

Where are the training sessions located?
Monday night swimming is held at Canberra Girls Grammar School, Empire Circuit, Deakin,
7.30 – 8.30pm. Additional Monday night venue TBC.

Thursday morning running is held at Lennox Gardens, Flynn Drive, Yarralumla, 6.30 – 7.30 am

Friday morning cycling is held at Treasury car park, Langton Crescent, Parkes, 6.00 – 7.30 am

I’m not a really good swimmer, can I still do the program?
Yes! FIT realises there will be many different swimming abilities amongst participants.  The way the swimming sessions are structured we aim to assist you to improve your stroke, build more confidence, but importantly still have energy to use on the bike and running.

At your first session we encourage you to self-nominate into a swim lane based on what you think your skill level is and we take it from there.

I’m not very confident on a bike, can I still do the program?
Yes! FIT realises there will be many different riding abilities amongst participants.  The way the cycling sessions are structured we aim to assist you to improve your cycling skills, understanding of road safety and build your confidence to ride on the road.

At your first session the coaches will sort participants into groups according to the type of bike you own (or have borrowed) and your self-nominated skill level.

Watch this YouTube video for more information on the cycling sessions.

I can’t really run, can I still do the program?
Yes! FIT realises there will be many different running abilities amongst participants.  The way the running sessions are structured we aim to assist you to improve your running technique and speed.

At your first session we will run two time trials. One over 3km for the more confident and seasoned runners and one over 1 km for those who have not done a lot of running or prefer the shorter distance.

Do you swim in the lake? Really?
Yes! Don’t worry, most WTTP participants feel a bit hesitant about swimming in the lake for the first time, but many actually enjoy it! There will be a number of ‘lake familiarisation sessions’ before your first triathlon, and you’ll be supported by experienced coaches.

The National Capital Authority (NCA) regularly monitors the environmental status of Lake Burley Griffin throughout the summer recreational season. Each week the NCA advises users of changes in water quality conditions in relation to bacteria, blue green algae and other hazardous conditions. If the levels are considered too high for safe swimming (primary contact) then the swim leg will be changed to a run leg and the triathlon will still be held. More about the NCA’s water quality testing can be found here

What is the average temperature of Lake Burley Griffin?
Based on last year’s testing results undertaking by the National Capital Authority, the water temperature could be around 16 degrees for the first Lake familiarisation swim, and up to 19 degrees by the time you compete in the December triathlon.

What about the WAG Tri?
In previous years, WTTP participants worked towards the WAG Tri, which was an awesome women only triathlon organised by FIT. In 2015, the difficult decision was made not run the WAG Tri.  


I completed the WTTP in 2017. The coaches and helpers are incredibly encouraging, ensuring that no matter what your fitness level is that the program is suitable to your fitness level. I found it a supportive environment, with other women who were also seeking to challenge themselves. I was worried that I was going to be too slow through out the program but that was never the case. At the end of the program I completed the Canberra Club Tri and now I have now completed a couple more Tris. WTTP was a great program that I can only explain as life changing, it helped me improve my fitness, encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and give a fun sport a go. The friendships that I have built through FIT have also been great, encouraging each other as we participate in tris and other events.  Gaby, 2017 Participant.

FIT’s Women’s Triathlon Training Program (WTTP) has been a life changer. After having kids, I realised that I needed to do something about my fitness because I just couldn’t keep up. A friend at work told me about FIT and WTTP and encouraged me to sign up. Problem was – I’d only just started running, I could barely swim 50m and I hadn’t ridden a bike in almost 20 years. But after speaking with Jing at the Women’s Health and Wellbeing Expo I decided to give it a go.

What I found in my fellow participants was a group of amazing women that came from a variety of backgrounds and age groups, but had the same goal. We constantly supported one another during every session, and encouraged those of us who thought about giving up to keep going.

Thanks to the wonderful (and incredibly patient) coaches, I can swim up to 1km without stopping…in Lake Burley Griffin (); I learned to ride a bike, on the road, as part of a bunch; and I can run better than I have before. Even though our program came to an end, our friendships have continued to grow.  Sam, 2017 participant.