FIT has weekly coached and uncoached sessions in running, cycling, swimming and water running. We also run a number of different training programs throughout the year that cater to different skill levels and disciplines. Find out more about each discipline and our programs:

Swimming and water running

FIT has several sessions each week of swimming and water running – there are swimming lanes, so there’s room to stretch out and do some laps and drills and practice stroke improvement.


We have a number of coached and uncoached cycling sessions each week to suit all abilities. Please bring a spare tube, pump and tyre levers to all cycling sessions (in case of puncture – we’ll help you out). The newsletter, news section of the website and the FIT Facebook page will notify seasonal date changes.


FIT runs a range of coached and uncoached running sessions each week to suit all abilities, in different locations around Canberra. The running sessions cater for: Triathletes Long distance runners – Ultra, Full and Half Marathons Short distance runners – 5k and 10k Trail runners


Throughout the year FIT runs rookie programs in each of the triathlon disciplines, as well as a number of supported and unsupported programs targeting specific events.