FIT has weekly coached and uncoached sessions in running, cycling, swimming and water running. We also run a number of different training programs throughout the year that cater to different skill levels and disciplines. Find out more about each discipline and our programs:

Swimming and water running

Please see Facebook for updates and refer to the COVID-19 Information and Risk Management Plan for details about FIT’s return to face to face training in all disciplines. FIT has several sessions each week of swimming and water running – there are swimming lanes, so there’s room to stretch out and do some laps and … Continue reading Swimming and water running


Running activities have returned under new COVID-19 conditions. Coached running is from Lennox Garden on Tuesday from 6.30am; uncoached running is on in various locations from either 6.00am or 6.30am Thursday. Please note that the Saturday run and breakfast is not on at present, nor for the foreseeable future. Please see Facebook for updates and … Continue reading Running


COVID-19 has impacted on FIT’s ability to run a number of programs this year, including the reluctant cancellation of our Women’s Triathlon Training Program. Please contact FIT via email or on our Facebook page for further information. Throughout the year FIT runs rookie programs in each of the triathlon disciplines, as well as a number of … Continue reading Programs


FIT has a number of coached and uncoached cycling sessions each week to suit all abilities. The FIT Newsletter, news section of the website and the FIT Facebook page will notify seasonal date changes. COVID-19 Impact on Cycling Cycling activities may not be taking place as normal. Please see Facebook for updates and refer to … Continue reading Cycling