Membership of FIT gives you access to a women’s sporting club that encourages you to achieve your goals in a supportive environment. FIT has members across all age groups and interests. Students, stay at home mums, part-time and full-time employees, professionals, business owners, grandmothers and retirees all mix seamlessly while sharing fun times. Our members share a common interest in fitness and achieving success in the disciplines of triathlon – cycling, running and swimming.

FIT Membership benefits include :

  • access to our weekly coached and un-coached training sessions in running, cycling, swimming and water running, and participating in other FIT endorsed activities and events throughout the year
  • teaming up with other members to participate in organised events for running, cycling, swimming and triathlon
  • discounts from a range of local businesses and supporters
  • a weekly newsflash
  • social events to celebrate FIT achievements

When you join FIT, you must also join Triathlon Australia (TA). This allows members to choose membership options that include personal liability insurance. It’s up to you to decide which level of Triathlon Australia membership you need, but we recommend that you have some level of personal liability insurance if you are training with FIT whether through Triathlon Australia or another provider. Please see FIT’s insurance information for more details.

From 1 July 2021, there will be four TA membership options. Details of the changes will be provided shortly.

Due to the change-over to new TA membership tiers and the change-over to a new TA membership platform, we are unable to process new FIT memberships until 1 July 2021. New members are welcome to join FIT activities until then – please make yourself known to the coach, or other members at the session.

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Note: you will be redirected to Triathlon Australia’s membership system to purchase your FIT membership. See our step by step instructions if you need help.

FIT membership is open to women 18 years and over.

The membership year runs on a financial year basis (ie: 1 July – 30 June).

Privacy Statement
We collect your personal information for the purpose of membership only, which includes sending you our weekly NewsFlash email.  We will not, and do not, share this information with any third parties.