New swim sessions

Swimming pool with flippers and pool buoy on pool edge

Yippee! We have more swimming adventures in FIT. Stay warm over winter by being involved with some new FIT (indoor) swimming events. We’re introducing new coached sessions and putting together a team for the MS Megaswim.

New Additional Coached Sessions

Thursday morning: swim confidence, basic skills and squad. 8am @ Civic Pool starting 6 June.

Saturday afternoon: swim squad, easy endurance. 3pm @ Stromlo Park Pool starting 8 June.

The additional coached swim sessions will be inclusive to encourage and provide opportunities for FIT members to enjoy the benefits of swimming in a safe and supportive environment. The additional swim sessions and events will be for an initial 4-month trial. Feedback on suitability of session types, times and locations for FIT members is welcomed, noting that lane hire at pools is limited.

FIT MS Mega Swim Team and Training

MS Mega Swim is a fun 24-hour swim event on 3-4 August at the AIS pool. Come join us in swimming in a FIT MS Mega Swim team for fun and inclusion (not for times or competition). Find out more about the MS Mega Swim here. Register now with the FIT team! A free program to support your training for this event will commence 6 June 2024.