Policies and Resources

Females in Training Inc – Rules as of 2015  FIT rules of incorporation.

Advertising and sponsorship policy This document outlines  FIT’s policy and requirements for external organisation wanting to advertise or sponsor FIT activities.

Bunch riding  and FIT Group Riding Communications. These documents  covers important things to remember and communication with other riders  when participating in FIT’s cycling sessions and rides.

Coaching Reimbursement Policy This policy outlines initial and ongoing coaching and accreditation costs that FIT will cover for volunteer coaches.

Committee code of conduct  is a code of conduct  governing behaviour of Committee Members

COVID-19 Information and Risk Management Plan outlines the safe return to training guidelines following the ACT lockdown.

Endorsed Activities Policy Do you have an idea for a new FIT activity/ training session/ group?  This document outlines what you need to do to make that happen.