New and Potential Members

Question Answer
I am unfit and haven’t run, cycled or swum for years, do you think FIT is suitable for me? We have women of all abilities in FIT. We have swimming, running and cycling coaches who can provide advice and training programs for beginners and novices through to an advanced level – no experience is necessary to join FIT and we cater for all levels.

  • For example, our Tuesday morning coached running session has 3 different groups – slow, medium and fast – depending on your running pace. If you come regularly you’ll find your fitness level will improve steadily.
  • Similarly, the Friday morning coached cycling session caters for those who with little cycling experience as well as more confident riders wanting to improve their skills. FIT will teach beginners the basics, often on a one-on-one basis. Other cycling sessions with more confident riders will focus on things such as bunch riding, using gears correctly, cornering and braking skills.
Can I come to one or two training sessions before joining FIT to see if I like it? Yes – you are most welcome to come along to a couple of sessions before deciding to become a member. FIT membership is open to women 18 years and over. Membership and training session details are here.
What should I do when I turn up at my first FIT session? Number one – know that everyone you meet will remember their own first FIT session, and will be eager to welcome you.

Let the coach know that this is your first time. She will ask you a bit about your training and health history – don’t be put off by this, we just need to make sure that the session can be tailored to suit and be safe for all participants. Make sure you let the coach know if you have any injuries or health concerns, or if you are pregnant.

If you are attending the Saturday uncoached run and breakfast, please make sure you make yourself known as a first-timer and our allocated Saturday welcome-and-breakfast-champion will take care of you.


I sent a question to FIT 3 days ago but I haven’t had a reply yet. Why not?


Please remember that FIT is a not-for-profit community organisation run by volunteers who often work full time and have lots of other stuff in their lives, too – just like you! We will always try to reply as quickly as possible but sometimes it may take a while to find the answer – or the time to answer! If you are already a member you can, of course, ask a committee member at a training or other session you attend or use one of the contact phone numbers on the website to follow up.


Memberships and Fees


Question Answer
Will FIT cover me if I’m injured while training with you? FIT has a comprehensive range of insurance, however this does not cover members for personal injury, nor can FIT be held liable for any such injury. Each person needs to investigate and if required take out their own personal injury insurance to cover them for FIT activities.
Will I get a reminder when my membership fees are due? Yes – if you haven’t renewed, you’ll get an emailed reminder a couple of weeks after your membership has expired.
Can I have my membership fees refunded if I move away from Canberra? FIT is a not- for-profit organisation run by volunteers — our fees are low (the FIT annual fee is similar to 2-3 casual visits to a gym) and FIT offers many activities without charge. As such we do not refund membership fees. This is explained on our membership form.
If I join part way through the FIT membership year (1 July – 30 June) can I pay a reduced membership fee? Given membership of FIT is such great value, we do not offer pro-rata rates on the FIT component of your membership fee.  However, Triathlon Australia may offer a discount on its fee component to those who join late in the financial year. Contact the Triathlon Australia membership team ([email protected]) for more details.
If I only participate in only one discipline, for example running, is it possible to pay a reduced membership fee? No – many members go to training sessions for only one discipline, however FIT considers you still get great value for money for your small membership fee.
I recently joined FIT but I am not receiving the Newsflash yet? It may take a few weeks after joining before receiving the Newsflash email. We attempt to process your membership as quickly as possible but given we are all volunteers we appreciate your patience.

Training and Programs

Question Answer
Do you conduct training programs for specific running events? Each year we usually have training programs for the Canberra Marathon and Half Marathon, Sydney’s City to Surf event and a rookie running program, usually starting in October. Keep an eye on the weekly Newflash and the website for details.
I’m interested in doing a triathlon but am a complete novice – is there anything you can offer me? Every year FIT conducts a Women’s Triathlon Training Program for novices. The WTTP is designed to give you the confidence to complete your first triathlon, and normally takes place in October and November. Keep an eye on the website for details.
Does Tuesday running go ahead if it’s raining? Tuesday’s coached running sessions go ahead rain, hail or shine. It’s your decision, of course, whether running in the rain, hail or shine is right for you!
What about cycling in the rain? And what about during winter when the mornings are so cold? Friday’s coached cycling is cancelled when very wet. If it starts raining during a cycling session your coach will decide whether to continue the session or abandon it. Your safety is paramount of course.

Friday’s coached cycling is suspended during the coldest months of winter when it’s just too cold to get or keep warm – precise dates will be informed by the FIT website, FIT’s Facebook page and the Newsflash

In any event, you should use your common sense about whether it’s right for you to attend any session when it’s raining, cold, hot or you are feeling unwell.