FITFlash Shout Outs – July

This month’s shout out goes to our outgoing Coaching Co-ordinator, Chel Haynes.


Congratulations on your promotion at work Chel! We wish you all the best.   Sadly for FIT this means Chel no longer has the time and energy required to continue as FIT’s Coaching Co-ordinator.

On behalf of the FIT Committee and members we extend a big thank you.  The FIT Coaching Co-ordinator role is a challenging one and a lot of the work Chel has done, and the systems she has implemented and updated are not always visible. Fortunately for FIT, the spreadsheets and systems are in place on Basecamp and will prove to be invaluable tools for our next Coaching Co-ordinator.

A special thank you, Chel, for the fabulous work you have done as Volunteer Co-ordinator (this is an additional role Chel took on). We now have our green volunteer vests, a changing room and floor on the FIT tent. In addition, for big events, Chel developed a pacing guide and allocated volunteers on the course as per calculations, ensuring the FIT cheer squad covered all the key points on the course.

We are delighted Chel is staying on as a FIT run coach and of course you will see her cheering at events.