Saturday Run – 18 December

FIT Christmas Run

Come along on Saturday 18 December for our annual get together.
We will meet at Bowen Park for a run then continue the festivities with a muffin / pastries and a coffee. You might like to BYO chair if you need to rest your legs or a picnic blanket.


  1. Download the free Geocaching app to your phone – at least one member of your group will need their phone to complete the run.
  2. Arrive at Bowen Park by 7.15 for instructions.
  3. Run
  4. Order coffee; eat muffins.
  5. Make a donation to this year’s charity: Share the Dignity #itsinthebag
  6. Enjoy!

#ItsInTheBag is Share the Dignity’s annual event where we encourage everyday Australians to put together bags filled with essential items, to donate to someone in need for Christmas. Cash donations via FIT will go directly to Share The Dignity to sponsor a bag for someone in need.

Saturday Run – 11 December

Depart: 7.30am National Rock Garden carpark on Forest Drive (east of interchange between Tuggeranong Parkway and Lady Denman Drive – at Yarramundi Reach, near the lake shore)

Run: Arboretum (9.7km, hilly) – a clockwise loop around the National Arboretum

Breakfast: Cafe at Arboretum, Village Centre (top of the hill) – NB café opens from 9am


  • Head west from the gate following Forest Drive then Boundary Road, keeping fence on your left.
  • Can also be done in reverse in anticlockwise direction – take Cork Plantation Road on left after entering the Arboretum.
  • For a longer run do part of west basin after returning to the car park start.

Saturday Run – 4 December

Depart: 7.30am – Athlon Drive heading south. Just past the last houses in Farrer, turn left at dirt road to small car park (Image).

Run: Farrer to Isaacs Ridge (12.5km) – Out and back hilly run along the back of the houses in Farrer to Isaacs Pine Forest

Breakfast: A Bite to Eat, 8 Chifley Pl, Chifley


  • Head over animal barrier and follow dirt trail behind the houses.
  • Head up hill to water reservoir and keep to main trail.
  • Once leaving bush and near Yamba Drive take a sharp right and go under Yamba Drive and veer left.
  • Stay on the fire trail through the Isaacs pine plantation; the plantation finishes and houses of Isaacs are on your left.
  • Turn and retrace steps once you reach the end of the houses of Isaacs

Saturday Run – 27 November

Depart: 7.30am, Frankie’s at Forde, 1/26 Francis Forde Blvd., Forde

Run: Forde, Yerrabi Pond to Mulligans Flat (5km, 8.4km and 13.4km options)

Breakfast: Frankie’s at Forde, 1/26 Francis Forde Blvd., Forde

Run Details:

  • Starting outside the café, cross Zakharov Ave and go through Heritage Park on the path towards main road
  • Go under Horse Park Drive and run around Yerrabi Pond in clockwise direction (pond will be on your right).  For the short run, go all the way around the pond and back to the café.
  • When you approach Horse Park  Road after pond, turn left on the path.  Run until you get to the underpass and run under Horse Park Drive.  Follow the path keeping houses on right.
  • When you get to Handbury Way turn right and go under Amy Ackman St onto Mulligans Flat Rd.
  • Follow path back to café.
  • Short Run – around Yerrabi Pond ~5km. Long run includes loop to Mulligan’s Flat – 8.4 km. Even longer run do another lap of pond – 13.4 km


Saturday Run – 20 November

Depart: 7.30am, Chifley Shops, Eggleston Crescent, Chifley (please park at rear of YMCA – MacLaurin Street Chifley)

Run: Mount Taylor Loop (8 to 10km)

Breakfast: A Bite to Eat, 8 Chifley Pl, Chifley

  • Follow footpath under Eggleston Cres and take bike path on right, along Waldock
  • At the top of hill, turn left and pick fire trail heading south around Mt Taylor in clockwise direction (approx. 8km)
  • For a longer run, head down to Athllon Drive and back, then do the return loop around Mt Taylor.
  • Alternatively, on return to outbound trail, re-trace run back to start (10.3km incl Athllon Drive extension, hilly – slightly less (10km) if do an out and back to Athllon Drive but less hilly).