Message from the FIT President – Sue Lyons

What a year it has been!  The year seems to have flown by and it is almost a year ago since we had our last Annual General Meeting. Reflecting on the year, it has been a year of continuous improvement, both from the FIT Committee with changes to our process and methods using technology to streamline communications with members and the delivery of various training programs, to the successes of many of our members.

Our Annual General Meeting will be held at EQ, on Saturday 17 November, and I hope to see many of you at the meeting. Nominations are now being called for Committee members, most of the Committee are prepared to continue service, however I would like to acknowledge the work of those stepping down this year, including:

  • Treasurer, Frances McPherson who has done a great job for two years in the role of managing our finances;
  • Communications Officer, Leanne Haughton who has raised the bar in our Facebook engagement and regular website posts
  • General Member Katherine Colebatch, her enthusiastic support of the Committee’s work has been welcomed for the past 3 years.

I will report more on the work of the Committee at the AGM, but would encourage members interested in participating to nominate for any of the positions outlined below.

Sue Lyons
FIT President