FIT Award Winners 2019

Congratulations to the winners and nominees of the 2019 FIT Awards.

L-R: Samantha Shields, Donna Whitfield, Heidi Livermore, Jing Huang

Coach of the Year: Donna Whitfield

Donna was nominated by members of her Rookie Running group this year. As a newly-qualified Run Leader, this was Donna’s first time as lead coach for the program, having been a fixture in the Rookie Running Program for many years. In the words of the nominators:

  • Donna has run the rookie training program so well. Seven weeks ago we could hardly run 60 seconds and today we ran 30 minutes injury free and with smiles on our faces! She has taught us some great techniques and has been patient and friendly the whole time. A great introduction to FIT and I’m looking forward to staying with FIT thanks to Donna. She’s a great coach!
  • Donna was reliable, encouraging and was great at communicating before and during the runs. She shared many tips and ultimately got us all running better and faster than we expected! Thanks Donna.

Volunteer of the Year: Heidi Livermore

Heidi has the only role in FIT that has to be done each and every week for the benefit of all members.  Each week she sends the FITFlash, updates the website and Facebook. Not only does she makes sure these communications channels are available to members, she has an extraordinary way with words so the messages are fun and get the message across with the right amount of humour and seriousness

With FIT launching four spring / summer programs, there was lots of extra work required to update the website and Facebook and to make sure all the links work.  This is on top of the fantastic job Heidi does each and every week as the FIT Communications Officer.

Heidi always steps up to the challenge to ensure FIT members have up to date information.

Personal Achievement: Jing Huang

Jing (together with a number of other FIT members) did the Around the Bay 300 kms ride this year. This would be difficult enough on two legs and Jing does it with one!  Jing (and other FIT members) also took their bicycles to travel in Vietnam for two weeks. Even though it was often incredibly hot and hilly, Jing never complained and always sparkled. She’s an amazing cyclist, fantastically skilled at descending and an inspiration to us all.

Special Thanks: Samantha Shields

Samantha Shields was recognised for co-ordinating WTTP this year. Sam did a fantastic job in organising promotion for the event and in organising all of the volunteer coaches who helped out. She did all of this in her ‘spare’ time, as well as completing the 2019 Triathlon Young Women Leadership Program (and working, and being a mum, and triathon training). Sam was of course ably supported by a team of volunteers to help with coaching, communications, venues & nibbles, sourcing gear, and everything else that goes along with the WTTP each year.

Great work, Sam! Thanks for taking up such a challenge and congratulations on a fantastic job.